Vanessa Able

Vanessa Able is a writer and the author of The Nanologues and Never Mind the Bullocks.

Vanessa is the founder and editor of The Dewdrop magazine for spiritual writing. She started her career as the editor-in-chief of Time Out Istanbul and went on to be a freelance contributor for The New York Times and National Geographic Traveler, as well as an associate editor at Esquire Latinoamerica in Mexico City.

Her first book, Never Mind the Bullocks, was named a Scotsman Book of the Year.

Never Mind the Bullocks

Never Mind the Bullocks

Published 2014 by Nicholas Brealey Publishing

“Terrific and terrifying in equal measure: a life-affirming, death-welcoming journey around the world’s most dangerous roads in a wheeled toaster oven.” – TIM MOORE

“Vanessa Able is doggedly intrepid, deliciously acerbic, keenly inquisitive and quite possibly mental.” – JAIDEEP VG, TIME OUT INDIA

“Downright inspirational.” – MONEYLIFE

“Traveling has never been this tough, never been this enjoyable and entertaining as Able takes you on a remarkable journey of humour through her scathing comments and lucid writing… A hilarious book, from an author that pulls no punches.” – POSTNOON

“…Dispenses with political correctness and is blunt about horns, headlights, hierarchies, stares, cops and toilets” – BUSINESS STANDARD

The Dewdrop

I founded The Dewdrop in 2018 as a way of thinking about being through literature, poetry and digging up ancient texts.

The Dewdrop has a dedicated readership through its weekly emails as well as a beautiful website that is expanding to feature new and original work by established and upcoming writers.

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